Animative is a 2D animation and motion design studio founded in 2012 by professionals who have been in the industry since 1999.

We have worked with numerous brands from world-renowned Fortune 500 companies to newly-established start-ups in various countries, always striving to improve the quality of our work. We assure you that we have a solution for you as well.

Our brand is managed by a young team that is passionate about their work and keeps their excitement dynamic. We have eliminated all other services and focused solely on animation.

Our expert artists are ready to deliver your message to your target audience with special premium animations. Whether it’s an explanatory video, a children’s cartoon clip, an educational video, or a TV commercial animation, we are ready to bring your ideas to life.

Our goal is to create heart-touching stories, offer a process beyond our clients’ dreams and make them the happiest customers in the world.

With our unique designs tailored to your needs, we stand out your brand in today’s competitive world and increase our portfolio diversity.

Moreover, we do all this with budget-friendly and flexible solutions.

Just imagine and confidently leave your brand to us. You can call us right away for more information.

Our Differences

  • Custom Premium Design
  • Professional Animation with Rigging
  • Global Usage License
  • Unlimited Usage Rights
  • Fast and Economical Process
  • Possibility to Realize Your Dreams
  • Compatible with Social Media
  • Suitable for All Digital Screens

Working Process

The whole process takes place in 3 simple stages:

1- Together with the advance payment, we collect the notes you write, the samples you like, and the script or voiceover you have. We can also provide you with voiceover or script services if you wish.

2- We send you the general style-setting sample character and environment design, color palette, selected music, and final version of the script for your approval. At this stage, you can also decide on the voiceover. After deciding on the script, voiceover, and style, we move on to the next stage.

3- The voiceover is recorded, the characters are rigged, and the assets are prepared. The animation is finished in a short time and delivered to you. At this stage, you have the right to 3 minor revision rounds. We quickly prepare the corrections and send them to you. The version we send is watermarked, but we send you the high-quality file after you make the final payment. If needed, we keep the source files and video on our servers for 1 year. All rights to the animation we create and the characters we design pass to you.